No wonder, the textile industry of India is ruling all over the world. We have a pool of potential and ancient talent of  fabric manufacturers in India. Their skills have been developed over the time and passed through generation to generation. The Indian fabric manufacturing industry is famous due to its majority share in handloom work and craft. But do you know which region has dominance in handcraft working?

It's none other than Rajasthan. This state has the blessing of some unique and distinctive talent which makes it famous among fashion designers.  Within Rajasthan, fabric manufacturers in Jaipur majorly produce handloom fabric.  Tie- dye, bagru,  Sanganeri  Block  Printing and so on are famous jaipur crafts. Besides this other crafts like dabu printing, embroidery art and Barmeri Vegetable Dye Prints are also worldwide famous.

But what makes them popular and why? Let's find the answer throughout the post. Stay with us while exploring the treasure of Rajathasn’s handcraft.

Bandhani Printing

Cloth is used to create intricate, highly exact patterns by pulling and tying a thread to expose vividly colored artwork. This project mostly makes use of red, yellow, blue, green, and black colours. The Sanskrit term from which the word "banda'' was derived means "to knot." In terms of Rajasthan textiles, this is the best. Style and symbolism go hand in hand here; crimson might signify a Hindu bride, while yellow denotes pregnancy. Turbans, dupattas, and sarees all have bandhani work, along with other embellishments like stitching, mirroring, and appliqué.


Symbolising the undulating sand dunes of Rajasthan, the word "lehariya" denotes a wave. Lehariya has bright color as a counterpoint that showing land's dichotomy. Using indigo dye is a prominent feature of this art form since it lends the cloth a beautiful sheen.

With the resist-dyeing process, certain areas of the cloth retain their original shape while the remainder get color with a variety of hues. Tradesmen have worn their turbans and their safas decorated with this traditional form of tie-and-dye. In the summer, women in Rajasthan wear chiffon sarees made using this specific method.


It derives its name from the town of origin. This is one that uses exclusive handblock printing by wooden blocks by the Chippas community. For this art, light shades are majorly include in the production of this art.

Bagru's colors are mostly earthy, as the state's environment is also the same. Producers use cow dung, soda ash, and sesame oil to make a paste to wash the fabric. Tree extracts and natural colors are used in their products. The earth under Bagru seems to be painted or colored. The nearby river's water, which is particularly rich in clay deposits, is responsible for the base's crimson tint.

Sanganeri Block Printing

It's no surprise that Sanganer is Rajasthan's block and screen printing capital, thanks to its wide range of traditional designs on white cotton. You can use it for anything from bed linens to tablecloths and everything in clothing. Figures and flowers has shades in crimson using tiny black lines and red dye.

Carved teak blocks are usable in this technique of block printing, which is imprint on Sanganeri cotton cloth. Unlike machine prints, which lack personality, handblock printing is an organic art form that takes time to perfect. For three-fourths of the year, these prints are in great demand due to their widespread wearability both inside India and beyond. Affordability and environmental friendliness go hand in hand when it comes to block prints, which are battling fast fashion's aesthetic appeal. Jaipur print is another name for this.


Handcraft fabric is beautiful and amazing but requires a ton of effort and time. But its irregularities and imperfection are like beauty in flaw. All print and handcraft has something in common which is a touch of craftsmanship. These arts make the fabric manufacturers in Rajasthan unique. So next time when you want to buy something aesthetic and unique, try handcraft fabric art.

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